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How to Play Sic Bo: Guide to Rolling the Dice to Victory!

How to Play Sic Bo: Guide to Rolling the Dice to Victory!

Of all the online casino games out there, nothing is more exhilarating or perhaps easier besides slots and roulettes than good ol’ Sic Bo. In our guide on how to play Sic Bo, we’ll be showing you everything from the basics, to the table layout, to even a visual representation of how the game’s played.

Sure, that Sic Bo table may be intimidating with all the numbers, but trust us, once you get the hang of the bets and everything—you’ll be playing the game like a pro in no time!

What is Sic Bo?

Before you learn how to play Sic Bo—it’s key to know its brief history and, of course, what it’s all about. Sic Bo is basically a guessing game that uses three dice and there’s a whole table with different bets you can place, so you can pick what you think will roll.

Originally from China, Sic Bo has a bunch of cool nicknames like Dai Siu or Big and Small. Traditionally, it was a big hit in Asia, especially Macau casinos (and we know how fired up they get with their casino games!). But thanks to the internet, you can play it online anywhere these days! There’s even different versions out there, like Grand Hazard in England and Chuch-a-luck in the US.

How to Play Sic Bo: Basic Rules

how to play sic bo - sic bo dice in land-based casino
How to Play Sic Bo: Sic Bo Dices as rolled in land-based casinos | Credit:

Sic Bo rules might seem intimidating at first glance with all those betting options on the table (think craps or roulette!), but don’t worry, it’s pretty easy to pick up.

The goal is similar to other casino games like Craps: you bet on what you think the dice will roll. Here’s how to play Sic Bo online or in a land-based casino:

  1. Place your bets: Feeling lucky about a specific number? Put your chips on that number. Want to play it safe and bet on a whole range of numbers hitting? You can also place your bets on multiple sections before the dice are rolled.
  2. Roll the dice: The dealer shakes three dice in a special container (or the computer does it virtually online).
  3. Win or lose: If your guess matches the outcome, you win! Otherwise, you lose your bet.

Sic Bo Table Layout

Sic Bo Table Layout

Sure, that Sic Bo table layout might look scary at first, all those numbers and symbols! But don’t worry, learning how to play Sic Bo itself is quite simple once you know the different bets, which we’ll discuss below.

Just think of this table like a menu with all the winning options you can choose from. The more you learn about the bets, the less likely you are to accidentally order something spicy (and expensive) for your first try!

Sic Bo Bet Types

Small and Big Bets

If you’re learning how to play Sic Bo, it’s important to take note that balance is everything. Small and Big bets come in to help you with that! But what exactly are they?

how to play sic bo - sic bo bet type small bet
How to Play Sic Bo: a visual presentation of placing a Small Bet in an online Sic Bo game.
  • Small bet: This is like betting on low numbers. If the three dice add up to anything between 4 and 10 (including 4 and 10), you win!
  • Big bet: Here, you’re going for the high rollers. If the total of the dice is between 11 and 17 (including 11 and 17), you’re a winner!

These bets are popular because they usually pay out 1:1, which means you win the same amount you bet. Plus, they have a pretty good chance of winning compared to other bets in Sic Bo.

Here’s the catch though: triples (all three dice showing the same number) don’t count for Small or Big bets. So, even though it seems like a 50/50 shot, it’s actually a little less likely to win at exactly 48.61%.

Single Dice Bets

how to play sic bo - sic bo bet type single dice
How to Play Sic Bo: a visual presentation of placing a Single Dice Bet on the number 3 in an online Sic Bo game.

This Sic Bo bet is all about picking your lucky number—basically betting one of the dice will show up with the number you bet. If you’re just starting out on getting to know how to play Sic Bo, this might be the best bet for you.

The more times your number shows up, the more you win:

  • One lucky number showing up? You win 1:1, basically getting your bet back plus a little extra.
  • Two of your chosen numbers appear? That’s a sweet 2:1 payout!
  • And if all three dice land on your lucky number? That’s a jackpot, a whopping 3:1 win!

Just remember, the payout depends on how many times you see your number, not how many dice you bet on!

Double and Triple Bets

how to play sic bo - sic bo bet type double and triple
How to Play Sic Bo: a visual presentation of placing both a Double and Triple bet on the 2 dice with the number two (Double) and three dice with the number five (Triple) in an online Sic Bo game.

This is where things get exciting! Double bets are where you bet that a number will show up on at least two of the dice.  If you’re right, you can win a much bigger payout than other bets, usually around 11:1! That’s a pretty sweet reward for your prediction skills.

If you’re just starting out on learning how to play Sic Bo and are feeling a bit lucky—consider triple bets instead. This is where you predict all three dice will land on the same number. Think 3 sixes, or maybe all threes. If you guess right, you win big time – a whopping 30:1 payout! But be warned, the odds aren’t exactly in your favor.

Pro Tip: You can also bet on a very specific triple (like all fives), but your chances of winning are even lower. So, it’s high risk, high reward with Triple Bets!

Two-Dice Combination Bets

how to play sic bo - sic bo bet type two dice combination
How to Play Sic Bo: a visual presentation of placing a Two-Dice Combination bet on one dice being number two and the other dice coming out as three in an online Sic Bo game.

If you take a peek at that Sic Bo table layout, you’ll see 15 areas that look like dominoes. These are for even more bets you can place! They’re sometimes called Domino Bets, or Two Dice Combination Bets.

So, in this Sic Bo bet type, instead of guessing all three dice or their sum, you can predict the outcome of just two dice. If you’re right and your chosen combo rolls, you win a 5:1 payout!

Total Bets

how to play sic bo - sic bo bet type total bets
How to Play Sic Bo: a visual presentation of placing a Total Bet of nine coming out for all three dice in an online Sic Bo game.

Total bets are all about predicting the exact sum of all three dice. The Sic Bo table will show different ranges for these totals, and each range has its own prize depending on how likely it is to happen.

For example, betting on a total of 4 or 17 is a long shot, but if you win, you snag a 6:1 payout. On the other hand, totals like 10 or 11 are more likely to roll, but the payout is a smaller, though still exciting, 60:1. The higher the payout, the less likely it is to happen, so choose wisely!

How to Play Sic Bo: Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you’ve gotten down to every basic you could possibly know, it’s time to learn how to actually play this exciting casino dice game!

Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to play Sic Bo:

1. Place Your Sic Bo Bets

how to play sic bo - place your sic bo bets

Simply grab your chips and place them on the Sic Bo table layout, choosing a box or dice combinations that match the outcome you think will happen.

Remember, each combination has a different chance of rolling like we talked about on the Sic Bo bet types! The table will usually show you the payout for each bet, so you can see how much you might win depending on how likely it is to happen.

2. The Dice Are Shaken

Now it’s time for the real action! The dealer (or online simulator) will grab that special container with the three dice (think of it like a high-tech dice cup) and give it a good shake.

how to play sic bo - dice are shaken

3. Collect Your Sic Bo Winnings

how to play sic bo - collect your sic bo winnings

The dice will settle, and the dealer will check the outcome. If your lucky numbers show up and match one of your bets, then you win! The dealer will pay you out your winnings according to the payout odds.

Of course, if the dice didn’t land in your favor this time, the dealer will collect your chips you used for betting (those are the losses), and the whole process starts over again for the next round.

How to Play Sic Bo Video Tutorial

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