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Sweet Alchemy Slot: A Confectionary Adventure

Sweet Alchemy Slot logo set against a blue and purple background

If you’re into visually beautiful and adorable Play’n GO slots like Reactoonz, then you’ll love their Sweet Alchemy slot. This candied game is an immersive cascading grid slot with a 5×5 grid gaming experience. It revolves around a charming world of candies, magic spells, and wild powers.

Ready to start your sweet adventure? Learn more about this treat of an online slot by checking out the guide below!


Sweet Alchemy slot is one of those mobile slots with a candy theme akin to the popular Candy Crush Saga.

This sugary online casino slot takes place in a smoky witch’s lair. There, the confectionary Alchemist creates the sweets on the grids through her purple cauldron. Her cauldron changes from a bright blue to stunning purple as the game levels progress. Just near the Alchemist’s cauldron lies the Sugar Rush Meter that fills up with every cluster of 4 more alike symbols during gameplay.

The symbols are vibrant and delectable sweets and candies in the Sweet Alchemy slot, all with varying pay tables. But whether they’re low or high-paying, they still look good enough to eat! Any wild symbols that pop up are far from monochromatic, however. Each wild is similar to peppermints that show off rainbow colors to signify their importance in the game.

RTP and Volatility

This sugary slot comes in high with an RTP (Return to Player) of 96.52% and a maximum exposure of x3000 the total bet.

Sweet Alchemy Slot is also classed as a High volatility game. It may require a larger bankroll and more patience. But once players get their payout, they’re guaranteed sweet victory with the big wins the slot has to offer.


Enjoy a scrumptious view of the Sweet Alchemy slot symbols before getting into the gameplay. There are at least four different Wild symbols: the Regular, Striped, and Dotted. But before those wilds pop up, you’ll first encounter four high-paying and four low-paying symbols.

Wild Symbols

Regular WildStriped WildDotted Wild
Sweet Alchemy Slot regular wildSweet Alchemy Slot striped wild orangeSweet Alchemy Slot striped wild blueSweet Alchemy Slot dotted wild

High-Paying Symbols

(only available in the free round)
Sweet Alchemy Slot star symbolSweet Alchemy Slot nut symbolSweet Alchemy Slot pastille symbol

Low-Paying Symbols

Sweet Alchemy Slot cube symbolSweet Alchemy Slot bean symbolSweet Alchemy Slot cone symbolSweet Alchemy Slot doughnut symbol

Gameplay Mechanics

In the world of Sweet Alchemy slot, clusters of 4 or more similar symbols create wins. These wins then transfer over to the Sugar Rush Meter. Once that meter is filled with 6 symbols in a round, 2 Regular Wilds will replace 2 other symbols on the grid. The Regular Wilds will then function like any other symbol, helping to generate wins and add to the progression of the Sugar Rush Meter.

The excitement escalates if the Sugar Rush Meter is then filled with 13 symbols in a game round. In that case, 2 Striped Wilds replace 2 symbols on the grid. Like the Regular Wild from earlier, they’ll also act as any other symbol to create wins. But this time, they also get rid of all the same symbols in the same column or row. Those removed symbols—including the Striped Wilds—will then carry over to fill the Sugar Rush Meter.

Aiming higher, as the Sugar Rush Meter in the Sweet Alchemy slot hits 25 symbols in a game round, the stage is set for the arrival of 2 Dotted Wilds. These Dotted Wilds act like any other symbol to generate wins. But compared to the Regular and Striped Wilds, Dotted Wilds destroys all instances of a randomly chosen symbol from the grid.

The end game is for players to fill up that Sugar Rush Meter with 38 symbols in a game round. Once that meter’s filled up, players can trigger the Mix the Elixir Free Round, featuring three different Candy Spells. But for every 3 more winning symbols collected, players get another Candy Spell—which can come up to a maximum of 7—added to their free round. 

Special Features

Sweet Alchemy Slot showing the 9x9 grid as one of its special game features

The Sweet Alchemy slot graces players with two sweet treats: the Mix the Elixir Free Round and the Elixir of Power Bonus Game. Each special feature comes with its own set of wins that’s sure to have players keep playing for more!

Mix the Elixir Free Round

The Mix the Elixir Free round in the Sweet Alchemy slot is triggered after filling up the Sugar Rush Meter with 38 symbols. This free round has an endgame goal of completing the collection to trigger the Elixir of Power bonus. It also takes place in a completely new 9×9 grid where players get better chances of generating wins.

In this round, the Alchemist will conjure the Candy Spells that will help the players win during the round. The symbols will then drop in and regular wins or cascades will happen.

Three types of Candy Spells can occur once the Alchemist starts casting them:

  • Mixed Candy – The symbols are shuffled to help create potential wins.
  • Sweet Surprise – Any kind of 7 to 12 Wild symbols will show up in random positions. Even if the Wilds don’t help with winning combinations, their removal effect will still be triggered.
  • Sugar Bombs – 7 to 15 regular symbols are randomly chosen and destroyed.

As soon as players can no longer generate any wins, the first Candy Spell will be cast. The cascades will then happen again before the second Candy Spell. Lastly, the entire Mix the Elixir Free round will end once all the Candy Spells have been cast.

In the Free Round of the Sweet Alchemy slot, players will face the task of gathering a specific number of 2 distinct symbols. This task is divided into 3 challenging levels. Upon accomplishing Level 1, the Elixir of Power Bonus will be triggered as the free round concludes. Advancing to Levels 2 and 3 will enhance the available rewards within the Elixir of Power bonus.

Elixir of Power Bonus Game

Sweet Alchemy slot's Mix the Elixir Bonus Game in-play

The Elixir of Power bonus game is set against a 5×5 chocolate grid. This time, players are tasked with revealing magic elixirs beneath the chocolate squares. Once they find 3 matching elixirs, they win a prize. 

There are 5 different elixirs: orange, pink, green, blue, and purple. Each elixir is equivalent to different bets and wins and varies per level. The reward for completing 3 matching elixirs is dependent on the Collection Level players have achieved in the last Free Round. Here are the possible rewards from the elixirs:


  • 2x Total Bet
  • 3x Total Bet
  • 5x Total Bet
  • 2x Total Win
  • 3x Total Win


  • 3x Total Bet
  • 5x Total Bet
  • 10x Total Bet
  • 3x Total Win
  • 5x Total Win


  • 5x Total Bet
  • 10x Total Bet
  • 3x Total Win
  • 5x Total Win
  • 10x Total Win

Finally, every time a player completes the Elixir of Power Bonus, they get to move one position up along the Map. Players are rewarded with a Treasure Chest containing a cash prize every 3 levels on the Map. If won, the players’ cash prize will be equal to 15% of their base game winnings since the last time the previous Chest was opened.

More Games Like Sweet Alchemy Slot

A 3D image of a candy-themed online slot similar to Sweet Alchemy inside a laptop

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Grab Some Sweet Endings With Sweet Alchemy

Sweet Alchemy slot is one of Play’n GO’s popular mobile slot games. It’s a candy-filled adventure that’s as visually captivating as it is rewarding. With a 5×5 grid setup and a whimsical theme featuring candies, spells, and wilds, this game promises an immersive experience.

Boasting an enticing 96.52% RTP and high volatility, Sweet Alchemy offers sweet rewards. It may demand a bit of patience and a bigger bankroll. But when those big wins hit, they’re worth the wait!

The game has innovative mechanics such as the Sugar Rush Meter and a variety of wild symbols. Not forgetting to mention its engaging special features like the Mix the Elixir Free Round and the Elixir of Power Bonus Game. With that, it’s a total must-play in the world of online and mobile slots. 

Indulge in its delightful world and savor the excitement by playing Sweet Alchemy Slot at 12bet today!

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