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7 Best Casino Dice Games: Shaking the Odds

7 Best Casino Dice Games: Shaking the Odds

If you’re already captivated by the intricacies that come with casino card games, then here’s a little shake-up that’ll make you love online casinos even more! In this guide, we’ll be tackling seven of the most popular casino dice games to date. You’ll find most of them here, from the classics to the lesser-known gems, buckle up for that exciting rush that comes with each dice roll!

Keep on reading to find the best dice games in online casinos!

Top 7 Casino Dice Games Loved by Players

Most players adore casino dice games, and why wouldn’t they? Aside from it being one of the most sought-after types of casino games you’d find online, they hold an appeal that’s really more to do with luck than any sort of strategy. Players get the same rush the way they do when they play slots or try their hand on scratch card games or online bingos. To them, it’s all about the fun that comes with it—but many experts suggest that some strategies also come with playing these thrilling games.

Whether or not these strategies are true, there is still one thing clear about these dice games: they’re here to bring the fun!

And with that, here are the most popular casino dice games you’ll find in online casinos:

1. Craps

Craps is one of the casino dice games found in online casinos

When it comes to learning all about the best casino dice games, you just can’t skip over Craps. They’re the heart and soul of dice games in casinos, though they’re not always everyone’s cup of tea. Nevertheless, getting on a Craps game online is really a whirlwind of activity, with folks cheering, chips flying, and dice rolling like there’s no tomorrow.

Craps often has favorable odds for players. It starts with a ‘pass line’ bet on 7 or 11 (‘pass’) or 2, 3, or 12 (‘don’t pass’). After the shooter’s ‘comeout roll,’ pass line bets win on 7 or 11, and don’t pass bets win on 2, 3, or 12. Once a ‘point’ is set, betting continues until the point or a 7 is rolled. Pass line bets win if the point hits before a 7, while don’t pass bets win if a 7 appears first.

While it may look like one of your average casino dice games of just throwing in the dice, some believe that it takes serious dedication to wrap your head around the game’s concept. So make sure to study the ins and outs and get some serious experience under your belt. If you’re feeling competitive, maybe even seek a craps strategy guide to help elevate your gameplay!

2. Hazard

Back in the 14th century, a British game called Hazard was all the rage (even Chaucer mentioned it in his Canterbury Tales!). It’s basically one of the casino dice games that’s the ancestor of modern-day craps, sharing some similarities and setting the stage for the game we know and love today.

Just like in craps, everyone gets to place their bets, but there’s only one shooter at a time, also known as the caster. With each roll, the caster boldly announces the number they’re aiming for, which has to be between 5 and 9, and that’s called the “main.” If they roll that number, it’s a win (“nicks”), but if they get a two or a three (the sum of both dice), it’s a loss (“outs”). And if the sum falls anywhere else, it becomes the “chance” (craps players, you know what we’re talking about!).

Hazard wasn’t just a British thing, though. It’s also made its mark in the saloons and gambling dens of the Wild West too. Talk about casino dice games with some serious street credit!

3. Sic Bo

If you think Hazard has a history of its own, wait till’ you hear about its predecessor named Sic Bo. Originating from China, Sic Bo is not just one of the top-tier games, but it’s said to be one of the games that started the casino dice games trail.

In Sic Bo, you’re presented with three dice, a lively betting grid on the table, and a whole lot of excitement. When you’re playing the game, there’s no “shooter” stealing the spotlight. Nope, instead, the dealer shakes up those three dice in a cozy little chest, gives it a good shake, and then spills them out onto the table.

When betting on Sic Bo, you’ve got your classics like even/odd and big/small, along with some challenging options like specific combinations and lucky numbers.

Sic Bo is one of the best casino dice games; evidenced by how it literally translates to “precious dice”. Once you dive into the action, you’ll see why! Sure, the betting grid might seem a tad busy at first glance, but with a little focus, it’s actually simpler than you’d think—it’s kind of like craps’ cousin, but easier to understand.

4. Grand Hazard

Grand Hazard is one of the casino dice games found in online casinos

Grand Hazard—not to be confused with the British Hazard, though they share similarities in that they’re both casino dice games—is more like the cousin of Sic Bo instead.

In Grand Hazard, you’ll need three dice and a chute for them to roll down. The table layout is where you place your bets, and there are plenty of options, from guessing the total of the dice to picking odd or even, high or low, or specific numbers. After each roll, it’s time to settle up bets, with house percentages ranging from 3 to 31%. 

Grand Hazard has been around since the 19th century, evolving in the US of A instead of Great Britain. Nowadays, you can enjoy the thrill of Grand Hazard online too, whether you’re in it for fun or chasing those cash prizes.

5. Chuck-a-Luck

Now let’s talk about Chuck-a-luck, one of the casino dice games with roots tracing back to medieval times and closely related to Grand Hazard (see above!). 

It’s a simple yet thrilling game played with three dice and a numbered layout where players place their bets. Instead of rolling the dice by hand, the banker uses a wire cage or sometimes a cone-shaped chute, known as a horn, to give them a good tumble. When it comes to payouts, it’s pretty straightforward: singles pay 1 to 1, pairs pay 2 to 1, and triples pay 3 to 1. So, for example, if you bet on six and two sixes show up, you’d win at 2 to 1 odds.

Chuck-a-luck can be found in select American and European online and land-based casinos. While the house has a slight edge—with an average of 7.5%—some players still love it for the thrill of the game!

6. Klondike

You might have heard it called Counter Klondike when played casually on a shop counter, or Casino Klondike when you’re in the big leagues. Either way, we’re talking about those classic casino dice games that’s been around the block, especially in those old frontier American casinos.

In Klondike, you’ve got ten dice and a layout on the table where the action goes down. Players get to pick their spots on the layout—whether it’s betting on ‘win’, ‘lose’, or aiming to ‘beat two aces’. The banker kicks things off by rolling five dice and locking in their combo. Then it’s your turn to roll the other five and try to outdo the banker. If you’re betting on ‘win’, you gotta aim higher than the banker’s combo, while ‘lose’ bets need to come in lower.

And here’s the deal: any ties mean a loss for you and a win for the banker. And if you’re going for ‘beat two aces’, you gotta roll at least two pairs to score that sweet victory!

With Klondike, it’s all about the dice-rolling action, making it a surefire addition to our list of best casino dice games.

7. Banca Francesa

Banca Francesca is one of the casino dice games found in online casinos

Wrapping up our list of casino dice games is Banca Francesca! Often mistakenly spelled as banko francesa, but it’s actually a Portuguese gem played with three dice. Some say it has its comparisons to Sic Bo, but Banca Francesa has its roots in European roulette, adding a unique twist to the dice game scene.

What sets it apart is the odds—they’re a bit of a mixed bag, making it a real rollercoaster of potential wins. But let’s jump into how the game itself works first.

Banca Francesa doesn’t have your typical shooter or caster; instead, you’ve got three house employees running the show. There’s the tax man, the payer, and the croupier, each with their own role in keeping the game running smoothly. And when it comes to betting, you’ve got three options: Grande, Pequeno, and Ases, each with its own payout potential. The croupier keeps rolling until one of these outcomes appears, and you can switch up your bets between rolls.

Now, here’s the deal: while Grande and Pequeno pay out even money, a wager on Ases could score you a whopping 61-1 payout!

So, if I’ve managed to pique your interest in the world of dice games, or if you’re already a seasoned player looking for a new thrill, why not give Banca Francesa a shot?

Final Words on the Best Casino Dice Games

And that just about wraps up our list on the most popular casino dice games to date! We’ve covered everything from the classics like Craps to hidden gems like Banca Francesa. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or just dipping your toes into the world of dice games, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

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