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Learn the A-Zs of Baccarat Terms

Learn the A-Zs of Baccarat Terms

Did you just learn how to play Baccarat but are still confused by its many terms? Don’t sweat it! With our glossary on the Baccarat terms, you’ll never feel at a loss again. We’ve jotted the A’s down to the Z’s for your ease of use. So the next time some Baccarat lingo gets you stumped mid-game, you have this guide to look through quickly!

A to F: Baccarat Terms

Action. The total amount of money bet over a certain period, either on a single round or across a full baccarat session.

Baccarat. The name of the game; also known as ‘Punto Banco’. In Italian, it means ‘zero’, referring to a hand of zero value (the worst hand possible).

Banco. Spanish for ‘banker’ or ‘bank’. The dealer in baccarat; also known as a ‘shooter’.

Banco Prime. In Baccarat terms, it is the privilege of a player nearest to the dealer’s right to match the stake wagered by the bank if more than one player has called banco.

Banker Bet. One of the Baccarat winning strategies you can make in the game. In this type of bet, the player bets that the banker will have a total hand that’s closer to 9. This bet pays 1 to 1, but 5% commission is deducted from winning bets.

Bankroll. As a player, this is what you would call your gambling stash. It is the money you set aside to play with for baccarat.

Banque. One of the baccarat variations where the game is played at two conjoined tables. It is often popular in European casinos.

Burn Card(s). Before each game, a few cards (3-6) get shuffled in but then tossed aside – like burning the midnight oil, they’re out of the game!

Caller. This casino staffer is like the game announcer. They flip the cards, announce the score, and deal extra cards based on the rules.

Carte. In French, it means ‘hit me’ and used to request another card from the dealer.

Chemin De Fer is a baccarat variation where the player acts as the bank. The player deals the cards and takes all the bats.
Chemin De Fer is a baccarat variation where the player acts as the bank. The player deals the cards and takes all the bats. | Source:

Chemin De Fer. In Baccarat terms, it is a variation of baccarat that’s also known as ‘European Baccarat’ or ‘Railroad’. The player acts as the bank by dealing the cards and taking all bets.

Cheques. These are your playing chips on the casino table online and on land.

Cheval. This is a special bet for two players, where you win or lose together – like a team effort! If only one of you wins, it’s a draw.

Commission. It’s a small fee (around 5%) taken from winning banker bets, just to keep the game going.

Coup. In French, it refers to a round of play in baccarat.

Croupier. The dealer is also called the croupier in French.

Cut. Dividing the deck of cards in half after they are shuffled.

Cut Card. After shuffling, the deck gets split in half, and a plastic card is used to do it.

Dealer. The person responsible for handing out the cards and drawing them in baccarat.

Delux Tableau. This is another name for Baccarat en Banque, a specific version of the game.

Discard Tray. In Baccarat terms, this tray holds the used cards, like a recycling bin for the game.

Down Card. It is a card that’s face down, keeping the suspense going! It’s also called a hole card.

Dragon Bonus. A side bet in baccarat where players bet on a hand winning by a significant margin or with a natural.

Edge Sorting. An illegal technique to identify cards based on small differences in the pattern on the back.

baccarat terms - face cards
In Baccarat terms, face cards are the Jacks, Queens, and Kings, and are valued at zero. | Source: PDPics – Pixabay

Face Cards. Compared to other games like Blackjack, in Baccarat—Jacks, Queens and Kings of any suit are valued at zero.

Fading. To “fade” is to place a bet against another player.

Flat Bet. It is to wager or bet the same amount consistently.

H to Z: Baccarat Terms

Hand. The two cards dealt to the player and banker.

In Baccarat terms, high rollers are casino players that wager large amounts of money in a game.
In Baccarat terms, high rollers are casino players that wager large amounts of money in a game.

High Roller. A casino player who bets large amounts of money online or on land.

House Edge. In Baccarat terms and generally casino, it is the mathematical advantage that the casino has over the player.

Ladderman. They are one of the three dealers who runs the game of baccarat.

La Grande. In French, it is the best hand in baccarat, which is a natural nine.

La Petite. It is the second-best hand in baccarat, which is a natural eight.

Loss Bet. It is betting against the bank. Usually, it is a riskier bet due to the house advantage, but it can still pay off!

Match Play. It is the promotions given by land and online casinos that can be used once in the game.

Mini Baccarat. A smaller version of baccarat with 7 players and a dealer.

Monkey. In Baccarat terms, it is slang for a ten or a face card.

Muck. The eight decks of cards containing 52 cards each and are used during shuffling.

Natural. If your first two cards add up to eight or nine, that’s an instant win, or, as they say, a natural.

Palette. The croupier uses a long wooden tool called a palette to handle the cards.

Pass. In Baccarat terms, winning your bet is called a pass – you win!

Pit. High rollers get their own special area, the pit, to play for bigger bets.

Player Bet. This is one of the three main bets, where you guess if the player’s hand will win.

Punter. It is another casino term for a gambler.

Punt. It is the Spanish term for ‘player’.

In Baccarat terms, punto banco is the an Argentinian-made version of Baccarat.
In Baccarat terms, punto banco is the an Argentinian-made version of Baccarat. | Source:

Punto Banco. This is the most popular version of baccarat today, invented in Argentina.

Push. A tie means it’s a draw – neither you nor the dealer wins.

Railroad. Another name for Chemin De Fer, which is another baccarat variation.

Run. This is a Baccarat side bet where you can wager on multiple hands at once.

Shoe. This device holds multiple decks and deals the cards automatically – no more shuffling needed!

Shooter. In Baccarat terms, it is another word for the bank – the one you’re betting against.

Shuffle Up. This is the early shuffling of the cards before the game starts.

Standoff. A tie when both sides have the same value; also known as a draw.

Streak. This is when you win or lose several times in a row – hot or cold hands!

Super Pan Nine. This is a Baccarat variation where you, the player, act as the bank.

Tie. When both the banker and player have the same total, your bet is returned.

Tie Bet. This is one of the three bets, where you guess if the game will end in a tie. It pays 8:1 or 9:1.

Upcard. A card that is face up, so everyone can see it.

Vigorish. This is the percentage the casino takes from your winnings – kind of a fee for playing. It is also known as “commission”.

VIP. In Baccarat, rollers are treated like VIPs – important players who bet big!

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