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2024 Problem Gambling Awareness Month: NCPG’s Inspiring Commitment

Problem Gambling Awareness Month: NCPG's Inspiring Commitment

March opens up with an event that goes beyond the thrill of spinning reels or betting on cards. This month, we’re focusing on gaming responsibility, awareness, and positive changes. Thanks to the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG), we’ve got Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM) to spread the word and break the stigmas. It’s one of the more serious annual awareness endeavors that brings attention to responsible gambling.

Now, let’s explore the inspiring commitment behind this movement!

Every Story Matters: The 2024 Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Problem Gambling Awareness Month motto "Every Story Matters"

The Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM) is not your typical sort of awareness month. NCPG recognizes some of the problems that come with excessive gambling, and this year’s theme, “Every Story Matters”, hits home. Reminding us that each person’s journey with problem gambling is significant. They’re here to amplify awareness, promote prevention, and champion any treatments and recovery services.

The Urgency of the Issue

Did you know? According to the NCPG, an estimated 2.5 million American adults suffer from severe gambling problems in a year. On top of that, it causes a staggering $14 billion in social costs annually. Despite the alarming numbers, there’s really no dedicated federal agency addressing this issue. Furthermore, federal funds for problem gambling treatment or research are sorely lacking.

In this year’s Problem Gambling Awareness Month, we heard from Keith Whyte, the Executive Director of NCPG. He calls problem gambling a clear and growing public health risk. His words resonate with millions affected by gambling issues, and he highlights a crucial fact—fewer than 50% of Americans know where to seek help for a gambling problem.

Breaking the Stigma

The main deal with Problem Gambling Awareness Month is smashing the stigma around gambling addiction. NCPG wants to make chatting about it easy and open. By spreading the word and sharing stories, they hope it’ll be simpler for folks and their loved ones to reach out for help. It’s all about putting real people and their stories ahead of just numbers.

PGAM isn’t doing its thing solo; it’s a team effort! They’ve all brought in NCPG State Affiliates, public health organizations, advocacy groups, professional sports leagues, and even gambling operators. They’re putting in the work tirelessly to organize events, workshops, and awareness campaigns for diverse audiences.

NCPG is not just talking the talk, but they’re walking the walk too. In December 2023, they teamed up with SG:certified to boost player protection in online gambling through the Internet Compliance Assessment Program (iCAP). Plus, they gave out $176,000 in Fall 2023 Agility Grants to five non-profit groups, helping out with prevention and making things better across the US.

Resources for Support in light of the Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Are you struggling with a gambling problem? Or know someone who could use a helping hand? Know that there are resources readily available, even beyond the once-a-year Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

The NCPG website is a valuable hub for information, and you can find local resources and helplines that offer support. Remember, seeking help is a brave step towards a healthier, happier future.

12BET’s Responsible Gaming

Problem Gambling Awareness Month - 12BET's commitment to Responsible Gaming

At, we’re also about responsible gaming—and this goes every day, way beyond the Problem Gambling Awareness Month. We know remote gambling is a thrill for millions worldwide, but we also get that a small percentage might be underage or dealing with gambling issues affecting their life and finances.

Gambling troubles can cause problems for your personal life, family, and even other outlooks in life. This can be anything from the well-being of your mental health to other social connections. It’s not just about playing a lot—it goes deeper than that.

If you’re finding yourself preoccupied, betting more than usual, restless about stopping, or facing serious consequences, it’s time to hit the brakes. We care about your fun and well-being!

12BET offers several responsible gaming options, such as imposing self-limits and self-exclusions.

For more information on our Responsible Gaming, be sure to check out our helpful guide. Our customer support team is open 24/7, so should you have any issues, feel free to pop in a message or give us a ring.

Final Words

With the 2024 Problem Gambling Awareness Month, it’s clear that the NCPG is not going away anytime soon. They’re here to stay for the long run and create real, lasting impact. The theme “Every Story Matters” highlights every individual’s journey through gambling issues, and they’re putting in the work to help anyone in need: one step at a time.

Support is available whenever you need it. Explore resources, take control, and ensure your gambling thrills stay fun. For assistance or guidance on 12BET’s Responsible Gambling, our 24/7 customer support team is here for you. Here’s to a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable gaming experience!

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