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Pragmatic Play Debuts Their Thrilling €1M ‘Blackjack League’

Pragmatic Play Debuts Their Thrilling €1M ‘Blackjack League'

Pragmatic Play, the powerhouse behind some of your favorite casino games, has just launched something truly special: the ‘Blackjack League’. With a jaw-dropping €1 million up for grabs each month, this league is about to shake up the online casino scene like never before.

What’s the Deal with the Pragmatic Play Blackjack League?

The Blackjack League by Pragmatic Play is a series of action-packed tournaments dedicated to Blackjack, everyone’s favorite card game. From April 1st to June 30th, 2024, it’s game on, and you’re invited to join the fun. And the best part? They’re footing the bill, so you know it’s going to be good.

How Does it Work?

How does the Pragmatic Play Blackjack League work?

It’s simple, really. The Blackjack League is split into four daily tournaments: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Privé. Each one caters to players of all levels, so whether you’re a Blackjack newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s a spot for you. Rack up those wins in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold tournaments, or go for the longest winning streak in Privé—the choice is yours!

Let’s Talk Prizes

Now, onto the good stuff—the prizes given by Pragmatic Play! We’re talking big cash rewards here. The Privé tournament offers a juicy top prize of €10,000 every day. But even if you don’t snag the top spot, there are still plenty of prizes to go around. The Gold tournament gives out €15,000, the Silver has €7,000 up for grabs, and the Bronze tournament’s prize pool is €3,000. That’s a whole lot of cash waiting to be won!

Not forgetting to mention the generosity of this live casino provider, as these prizes will be shared with about 49,200 and 250 winners respectively.

Taking Your Gaming Experience to the Next Level

But wait, there’s more! With over 100 Blackjack tables to choose from, the Blackjack League is all about taking your casino experience to new heights. Pragmatic Play opens up this league to most of their live casino portfolio, including: classic Blackjack, VIP Blackjack, Speed Blackjack, Privé Lounge Blackjack, and the recent release called Blackjack X.

And you won’t believe what Irina Cornides, the Chief Operating Officer over at Pragmatic Play, had to say about this. She’s stoked about the Blackjack League! Can you blame her? With a cool €1 million up for grabs each month, completely funded by the best online casino provider, this tournament is taking things to a whole new level. And get this—they’re giving out 500 cash prizes every single day. Talk about upping the ante and giving players even more reason to dive into their awesome Blackjack games!

Get in on the Action With the Blackjack League by Pragmatic Play

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a Blackjack pro or a total newbie, the Blackjack League has something for everyone. Head on over to the Pragmatic Play website to learn more and join the fun today!

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