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Your Key to Success: Types of Casino Bonuses Revealed

Types of Casino Bonuses

In the world of online casinos, different types of casino games offer the possibility of winning big prizes. But aside from those lucrative rewards, these sites also reward online casino bonuses to keep the fun rolling. These perks aren’t just marketing gimmicks—they can also improve your casino gaming experience. In this guide, we’ll dive into the various types of casino bonuses, how they work, and how you, as a player, can benefit from them.

How Do Online Casino Bonuses Work?

The different types of casino bonuses are incentives offered by casino gaming platforms to attract players and enhance their gameplay. Understanding these types of casino bonuses will give you the power to boost your gambling thrills and make smarter choices.

When learning about a specific casino bonus, it’s important to know that each comes with different terms and conditions. This includes wagering requirements, minimum deposits, maximum bet sizes, and eligible games. Make sure to always read the fine print before claiming any of your preferred site’s bonuses to make the most of them.

Check out our online casino bonus guide below to see the difference between these rewarding perks.

Types of Casino Bonuses Online

In this guide, we’ll be tackling eight online casino bonuses available. Each online casino site has its own terms and conditions, promotions, and bonuses. Thus, not all of these may be readily available on every single site. 

Here are the different types of casino bonuses you can benefit from online:

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus as a type of casino bonus

Casino welcome bonuses, also known as casino sign-up bonuses, stand as the flagship incentive for the types of casino bonuses. Typically the most generous, a casino registration bonus comes with several perks just for signing up. This can range from a combination of deposit matches, free spins, cashbacks, and more.

A deposit match in a casino sign-on bonus matches your deposit to a specified limit. Additionally, players may also encounter packages featuring matches on multiple deposits. This can be 100% on the initial deposit, 75% on the second, and so forth. 

Other types of casino bonuses include free spins or extra spins, which may also be rewarded together with a deposit match as part of a casino new player bonus. These free spins can be used on specific types of slot machines on their platform as another fun perk. While not all welcome bonuses will come with these lucrative packages, it’s one thing you can look out for when selecting an online casino to play in.

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Deposit Bonus 

Once you’re sure that the casino payment methods on the site cover your preferred payment, have a look at their deposit bonuses. This is one of those types of casino bonuses where you get additional cash to bet for depositing funds into your account. Most of these are advertised as first-deposit casino bonuses similar to the welcome perks. But you can also get other deposit bonuses later on into your membership.

Aside from being a welcome bonus, a lot of other deposit bonuses come with their promotions and conditions. For instance, a 100% deposit bonus on a $100 deposit translates to an additional $100 in bonus funds.

A few other examples of different conditions include getting a bonus for depositing monthly or weekly. Additionally, some of these bonuses can only be claimed by playing specific casino games on the site. So before you try to claim any deposit bonuses, make sure to read the terms and conditions for them.

No-Deposit Bonus 

Of all the types of casino bonuses, the no-deposit bonus is every player’s favorite. The name speaks for itself: it requires no upfront deposit. After signing up, you can go ahead and try to play without money or win some real money with zero risks. 

However, keep in mind that some casinos may restrict a few games when you’re on this kind of casino bonus. Restricted games will usually be for high-risk ones like blackjack and the like. But despite all this, it’s completely risk-free and gives you a chance to determine if the site is just right for you to invest your time in.

Reload Bonus

One of the most common types of casino bonuses, the casino reload bonus serves as a “thank you” for the site’s players. Similar to deposit and loyalty bonuses, the reload bonus gives players a deposit match on top of the funds they reloaded in their accounts.

However, there are different terms for these casino bonuses for existing players in various online casinos. Some reload bonuses could be for reloading weekly, monthly, or yearly. Other online casino sites may ask for specifics, such as depositing on a specific day or week to get a certain percentage for reloading your funds. Make sure to keep your eye out on these in online casinos, because they can pop out at any moment!

Free Spins (or Plays)

Free Spins bonus as a type of casino bonus

Fans of online slots with like Play’n GO’s Golden Ticket 2 will surely love the Free Spins or Plays bonus. A lot of online casinos offer these regularly, some in batches of 10, 20, 50, or even more spins. Like all other types of casino bonuses, these spins will come with their terms. The most specific condition is that it’s only available for some slot games in the casino. 

Still, this type of casino bonus is not something you should miss out on! These spins come completely free on top of your purchased spins and may help you score a few winnings.

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Cashback bonuses are one of the types of casino bonuses most players look forward to. This type of casino bonus refunds a percentage of your net losses over a specified duration. With cashback, it softens the blow a bit on a few unfortunate losing streaks.

But other sites also offer a cashback bonus regardless if you win or lose. Each cashback ranges from 1 to 10%, depending on the site’s terms. They’re excellent incentives and often help encourage players to keep playing for their favorite casino games. 

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Loyalty (VIP) Bonus

Loyalty/VIP Bonus as a type of Casino bonus

Online casinos believe that loyalty should be handsomely rewarded. Of all the types of casino bonuses, Loyalty or VIP Bonuses are the most lucrative. Frequent players are showered with exclusive rewards and personalized offers. On top of that, they also get higher withdrawal limits and dedicated customer support.

This type of casino bonus comes in the form of points, level-up systems, or by accomplishing missions and challenges. Each of these has its incentives to encourage players to stay with the site for longer than they already have. These gratifying awards are available on a lot of online casinos, so take the time to have a look at these benefits when you can.

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Referral Bonus

What’s an online casino without inviting a friend over to play with? By spreading the word more about the site, online casinos offer Referral Bonuses for players who bring a friend on. Every time a friend uses your referral link or code to join and make a deposit, the site rewards you with cash bonuses.

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Maximize Your Online Casino Experience With Bonuses

Seize the opportunity to maximize your casino gaming with different types of casino bonuses! Now that you’re aware of the many online casino bonuses, you can now enjoy these thrilling sites on a whole new level.

Make sure to remember that every online casino bonus comes with its terms and conditions. Read the fine print, ask questions with customer service as needed, and grab all the bonuses you’re able to. The world of online casino bonuses is just a click away!

Don’t forget to also check out thrilling casino bonuses available at 12bet—where gaming excitement meets a mountain of rewards. Dive into a world of unmatched casino perks and elevate your gaming journey with us today!

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