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Top Slot Features for Thrilling Wins in 2024

Exploring the Most Thrilling Slot Features of 2024

Did you know that slot machines come in all shapes and sizes? Kind of like your favorite flavors of ice cream! As there are variations, it also comes with different slot features that make the game just as exciting as any other casino game. From surprising bonus rounds to free spins and even multipliers to supercharge your wins, there’s a whole world of them that’s just waiting to amp up your spinning game.

So if you’re new to the world of online slots, fret not! In this informative guide, we’ll be showing off some of the important slot machine features (and then some) that you’ll encounter in your slot-spinning adventures. Let’s dive in and explore together!

Slots are one of the casino games that bring joy to most casino players. They’re simple to play, with very little strategy to go with it, and all very reliant on luck. But sometimes, even if you only have the one function—which is to click to spin—there are numerous slot features that you need to learn to understand how you might have gotten that lucky win, or not have gotten any at all.

To know these features is to pretty much know how online slots work, and we’re here to share the basic rundown of them. With that, let’s get into some of the important slot machine features, along with some extras you may find in some other exciting slots.


NetEnt’s EggOMatic slot Auto Play slot features in-play

Say you’re just chilling at home and kicking back with some online slots; admiring some of the slot features and waiting for those wins to roll in. But sometimes, you just want to sit back and let the magic happen without lifting a finger, right?

That’s where Autoplay swoops in! The name speaks for itself: all you have to do is hit that autoplay button, and the game spins the reels for you. If you feel like jumping back in and adding your own touch of luck to the game, you can always stop the autoplay and spin the reels yourself.

This is one of the most common slot machine features you’ll find in a game. It also comes with a nifty feature where you can set it to run for a specific number of games, whether it’s 10, 50, or even a hundred! Additionally, if you ever run into bonus rounds, Autoplay will immediately stop so you can play the game yourself and run again after the round’s over.

Cascading Reels

Cascading reels are one of the slot features, which is available on Shamrock Holmes Megaways by All41 Studios and Microgaming

You might stumble upon a game with slot features like Cascading Reels without even realizing it because this feature goes by many names, depending on the developer. Some other names for cascading reels include collapsing reels, tumbles or tumbling reels, avalanche reels, rolling reels, symbol drops, and chain reactions.

But no matter what they’re called, cascading reels work the same way: they remove matching symbols from winning combinations, leaving gaps on the screen. Then, any symbols above those spots drop down to fill in the spaces. Finally, new symbols slide in to fill the remaining gaps, potentially leading to even more payouts!


Starburst by NetEnt’s paylines, one of the common slot features

Think of Paylines like the hidden rules of your slot game. It’s one of the slot features that are just there in the background, waiting to spring into action when you land matching symbols on them during a spin. In slot machine terms, they’re basically the guidelines that determine how you win payouts.

Just take a peek at the paytable of your favorite online slot, and you’ll see a layout of the paylines. It’ll show you the patterns or lines you need to line up those matching symbols.

Paylines can come in numerous patterns, but the most common payline patterns are:

  • Horizontal Paylines: These are the classic lines you’ll see in most online slots. They’re inspired by the traditional fruit slots, often running across each row of the reels. For example, on a 5×5 grid, you’ll typically find five horizontal paylines.
  • Vertical Paylines: Some slots mix things up by featuring paylines that run from top to bottom on a reel. To win, you’ll need to land three or more matching symbols vertically.
  • Diagonal Paylines: These paylines are one of the slot features that zigzag from one corner of the reel grid to the other. Picture a line from the top left to the bottom right.
  • Zigzag Paylines: Zigzag paylines create V or W shapes as they run from left to right across the reels. You can see exactly how they line up by checking out the paytable.

Cluster Pays

Cluster pays, one of the slot features, available on Aloha! Cluster Pays by NetEnt

Cluster Pays isn’t just one of your average slot features—it’s a whole new way to play! Instead of traditional paylines or adjacent ways, cluster pays games group matching symbols together.

These games usually have a grid layout, providing plenty of room for clusters to expand from a minimum of 4 or 5 symbols up to 15 or 20.

The paytables are more detailed with Cluster Pay slots, with prizes based on cluster size. For instance, a cluster of four symbols might be worth double your bet, while a cluster of ten could net you a whopping 100 times your bet! It’s all about the size of your clusters in these games.

Bonus Rounds

The Elixir of Power bonus game about to be in play on the Sweet Alchemy Slot by Play’n GO

Bonus rounds or games are special slot features, often like mini video games, unlock during gameplay when you hit certain combos on the reels. These can range from a few free spins to additional multipliers, to other unique bonuses that can amp up your winnings.

Online slots are masters at crafting bonus games, often with cool storylines. Take Sweet Alchemy Slot’s Elixir of Power bonus game. In this game, the bonus game takes place on a 5×5 chocolate grid as opposed to its regular 5×5 grid filled with candies. Players can win a prize if they find 3 matching elixirs—each color with their respective pays—in the grid.


Wilds are symbols that come in different shapes and sizes, from classic letter and card symbols to full-on characters, depending on the theme of the slot. Their main function is to swoop into the reels to fill in for other symbols and help complete those winning combos you’ve been waiting for.

They’re not just content with sitting still either! Sometimes, they’ll expand to cover entire reels, stay put for some sticky wild action, and pull off plenty of other tricks too. As there are plenty of slot features, Wilds also comes with different pay tables and functions.

Lucky Valentine by Red Tiger Gaming’s showing one of the slot features: Stacked Wilds

Here are the most common Wild symbols you may come across:

  • Sticky Wilds: These symbols stick around on the reels for more than just one spin, boosting your chances to win big time.
  • Expanding Wilds: These wilds often start small on the reel, but then they grow to fill up an entire reel.
  • Shifting/Walking Wilds: Cousins to Sticky Wilds, this is one of the slot features where they hang around on the reels for several spins, but instead of staying in one spot, they like to move around. Usually, they shift horizontally, helping out with winning combos until they decide it’s time to leave the reels.
  • Stacked Wilds: They’re Wild symbols stacked on top of one another, often filling up an entire reel. This setup gives you an even better shot at hitting it big!
  • Random Wilds: The name speaks for itself. These random wild symbols are one of the fun slot features that don’t usually follow the usual spinning routine. Instead, they magically appear out of thin air, adding themselves to your reels to help with winning combos.


Scatters are symbols that can trigger bonus rounds, usually in the form of free spins, mini-games, or any other unique bonus game. If you check the slot’s paytable, they will often tell you exactly how many scatter symbols you need to generate to trigger that bonus feature.

The common requirement is 3 or more scatters, but again, it will be dependent on the pay table of your slot.

Plus, Scatter symbols are one of the slot features that don’t play by the payline rules. You don’t have to line them up on consecutive reels or follow a specific win line. So you can just spin them in any position, and they’ll still pay out!


2x Multipliers, one of the slot features examples, as seen on Chicken Drop Slot by Pragmatic Play

Multipliers are one of the special slot features that turbocharge your winnings by multiplying them by a certain number. These multipliers can range from 2x, which doubles your prizes, all the way up to 10x and beyond! In certain games, snagging multipliers can unlock some seriously generous real-money prizes. It’s like getting an extra boost of luck on your side!

Ways to Wins

One of the rarer types of slot features, Ways to Wins slots steps away from traditional paylines, and lets players win based on winning combinations from left to right

There are two common Ways to Wins:

  • 243 Ways to Win: With three visible symbol positions on each reel, each are able to combine with one symbol on every other reel. This results in a total of 243 possible winning combinations.
  • 1024 Ways to Win: In a 1024 ways machine, there are often five reels, each with four symbol positions. This results in a total of 4x4x4x4x4, or 1,024, possible winning combinations.


In today’s world of slot games, Nudge is one of the classic slot features that has taken a back seat to the more modern ways to win. But back in the day, it was a game-changer! With a nudge, either randomly triggered or activated by a special symbol, you could shift a reel down one spot or even multiple times. 

This gives you a shot at creating new winning combos. While mostly manual, some games also offer auto-nudging, giving you a little extra control over your fate in the game.

Free Spins

One of the famous slot features, Free Spins, selection page in Golden Ticket 2 slot by Play’n GO

Most online slot sites like 12BET offer bonuses that sweeten the deal with Free Spins. They’re one of the slot features that aren’t always there and are more like a little treat or reward for players.

You usually trigger them by landing a certain number of scatter symbols or another special trigger. Once activated, you get to spin the reels a set number of times without spending a dime, but you still get to pocket any winnings.

In some newer online slots, you’ll even find new slot features like a “buy a spin” option. It’ll cost you a bit upfront—usually between 50 and 150 times your total stake—but hey, the free spins start right away!

Additionally, free spins can sometimes lead to re-triggers. So, for example, you might start with ten free spins and then score an extra five every time you land another scatter symbol during the bonus round. It’s like getting free spins on top of your free spins!


Over half of all slots nowadays incorporate the Respins as one of their slot features in some form. A respin is essentially a free spin, but it doesn’t always begin from scratch.

For instance, imagine you’re playing a game where wild symbols lock in place and trigger a respins sequence. In this scenario, the other symbols vanish, while the wilds stay put, and the reels spin again.

Respins are designed to give you multiple chances at winning within a single round. It’s like getting extra shots at hitting it big!

Wrapping up on the Best Slot Features

So, there you have it—the delightful variety of slot features known to most online slots today! From thrilling bonus rounds to the anticipation of free spins and multipliers, each online slot has unique features that make it stand out from the rest. 

Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, you can now play online slots with some confidence knowing the ins and outs of their features. Ready to reel in those wins? Make sure to spin, win, and have fun with online slots by visiting 12BET’s online casino!

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