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Poker Chip Values: Mastering Chip Colors and Denominations

Poker Chip Values: Master the Chip Colors and Denominations

After learning everything there is to know on how to play Poker, there’s probably still a few questions left unanswered. Those colorful poker chips that are tossed around: what are they? How much are they worth? And are there any differences to them in certain games? The answer lies in our guide on poker chip values below! We’ll talk all about each chip’s value and how they hold up in different poker games.

Ready to learn about these little gold nuggets in poker? Then keep on reading to get the lowdown on them below!

Material and Quality of Poker Chips

Material and Quality of Poker Chips

But before learning about the poker chip values, here’s a brief overview on their history! Every little detail in a casino card game deserves a bit of history overview, right? Here’s a few fun facts about the poker chips and how they came to be their delightful little colorful values to date:

  • Back in the day, poker players used all sorts of tokens like fiches or checks. But the modern poker chip saved the day by keeping things clear between players and dealers.
  • Originally, poker chips were fragile clay. To fix this, players started using clay composites with additives for durability. Nowadays, top-notch chips are often ceramics, made with sturdy plastic resin.
  • Home game sets mostly use plastic chips. They started super thin but evolved to heavier ones with metal inserts. Some even have a bit of clay for that casino feel, but pro sets can be pricey.

Aside from setting poker chip values, they used to also have a specific weight to them. Casino chips are now a standard size: 39mm in diameter and 3.5mm thick. Weight varies but usually falls between 8g and 14g. Though there may be an exception for those high rollers, who often might get heavier chips.

The Standard Poker Chip Values

Now that you’ve got the gist on how poker chips came to be, it’s time to get in on the actual values for them. Poker chip values tend to vary, depending on the sort of game you’re getting into. But to give you an insight, here’s how the standard values of poker chips are based on the color:

  • White Chips = $1
  • Red Chips = $5
  • Orange Chips = $10
  • Green Chips = $25
  • Black Chips = $100
  • Purple Chips = $500
  • Dark Red Chips = $1,000
The Standard Poker Chip Values

When it comes to poker chip values, they’re standard across the board. You’ve got your $1, $5, $10, $20, $25, $100, $500, and $1,000 chips. And for the high rollers for this casino game? There’s usually $5,000 and $10,000 chips kicking around, sometimes even going up to $25,000 or $100,000.

Now, for home games, it’s a similar story. You’ll usually find white as the lowest value, followed by red, blue, green, black, purple, yellow, orange, and another shade of green. Some spots mix it up with pink and different blues too.

But why add color aside from distinguishing which value is which? It’s because adding colors to these poker chip values creates consistency across the board. In general casino fashion, you trade your cash for chips, use them at the tables, and that’s it. Additionally, color coding makes security systems happy. Meaning, it’s way easier to keep an eye on chip stacks than dollar bills.

Poker Chips: Cash Games vs Tournaments

Cash Games Poker Chip Values

The poker chip values for cash games are usually the ones you use on the casino floor too. And while there’s no one-size-fits-all rule for chip values, many big-name casinos stick to the same colors to keep things easy for players.

Here’s an overview of the most common chip values you’ll find around the world for cash games:

  • Grey or White Chips = $1
  • Red Chips = $5
  • Orange or Blue Chips = $10
  • Green Chips = $25
  • Black Chips = $100
  • Purple Chips = $500
  • Dark Red, Yellow or Orange Chips = $1,000
  • Red-White-Blue Chips = $5,000
  • Red-Blue Chips = $25,000
  • Grey-Orange Chips = $100,000
Cash Games Poker Chip Values

Notice the red, green, and black chips. Now that’s the holy trinity of poker chips. You’ll see them pretty much everywhere. The red chip is worth $5, the green is $25 and black’s value is a whopping $100.

Though do note that some places have chips worth over $1,000. It ultimately depends on the casino you’re entering. Casinos would have their own poker chip values and colors. But for online casino games, consider yourself lucky—just stick to the standard ones we talked about! They’re just about the same, though it wouldn’t hurt to double-check the game rules beforehand.

Speaking of rules, ever noticed how no matter how to the T you play the game, luck still manages to be snatched beneath you? That’s what poker variance does! Learn all about it through our guide on Mastering Poker Variance: Ways to Get Steady Gains.

Tournament Poker Chip Values

Poker chip values for tournaments can be all over the place, depending on where you’re playing just like in cash games. Different poker tours, on the other hand, well, they’ve all got their own special sets of chips!

So, think of it this way: it’s tough to give a one-size-fits-all explanation of chip values in tournaments. Our best advice? Take a good look at the chips before joining that poker tournament. This is because theirs may be particularly specialized for that tournament.

Though worry not! Most tournament chips have the value printed dab-smack in the middle. No need to bug the dealers or other players or sort through the poker chip values guide. Just take a glance at the chip value and you’re good to go.

Poker Chip Values of the World Series of Poker
Poker Chip Values of the World Series of Poker | Credit: Logan Ingalls – Wikimedia Commons

Just to give you an idea, here’s how chip values look at the World Series of Poker (WSOP):

  • Green: 25
  • Black: 100
  • Light Blue: 500
  • Yellow: 1,000
  • Orange: 5,000
  • Dark Green: 25,000
  • Lavender: 100,000
  • Beige: 250,000
  • Oversized Red: 500,000
  • Oversized Yellow: 1,000,000
  • Oversized Purple: 5,000,000

Wrapping Up on the Poker Chip Values

And that about wraps up our quick guide on poker chip values! By understanding these values, you’ll be better equipped to get on your favorite online or land-based poker game. But if you’re playing out on cash games in casinos or joining those major tournaments, don’t forget to study their poker chip value tables. While they follow the usual standards, they’re definitely still bound to vary from game to game. 

So, make sure to review those chip values, brush up on your poker-playing strategies, and at the end of the day: have fun. Happy playing!

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