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6 Trusted Online Casino Payment Methods for Players

Types of Casino Payment Methods

There is nothing more exciting than going to your favorite online casino, taking advantage of their casino bonuses, and winning big prizes. But sometimes, the idea of security and the safety of your winnings may not always come to the forefront. Or maybe you’re the kind of skeptic who’s not sure how secure your money is online.

Never fear! In our guide on secure online casino payment methods, we’ll show you the most trusted options used in today’s casino world. Additionally, we’ll provide a brief overview of how these payment methods operate, emphasizing their security features. Plus, some essential tips at the end on how you can stay safe when doing online casino transactions.

What Is A Casino Payment Gateway?

Before we delve into specific online casino payment methods, let’s first understand the role of a payment gateway. A casino payment gateway serves as an intermediary between you, the player, the online casino, and your chosen payment method. Its primary function is to securely process and verify transactions, ensuring that your funds reach their intended destination without any issues.

Payment gateways play a crucial role in safeguarding your financial information. They always come with strong encryption, anti-fraud measures, and adherence to regulatory mandates to safeguard both data integrity and secure financial transactions.

If you ever find yourself questioning the safety of your funds in online casinos, put those doubts to rest. The majority of online casinos now give top priority to this aspect, allowing you to enjoy casino gaming and secure casino payment methods without any concerns.

How Secure are Casino Payment Methods in 12bet?

When it comes to online casinos, safety and security are paramount concerns, especially when it comes to secured payments. We at 12Bet take the security of our casino payment methods very seriously. 

At 12Bet, you can open accounts in the following currencies:

  • US Dollars (USD)
  • Euros (EUR)
  • Great Britain Pounds (GBP)
  • Renminbi (RMB)
  • Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
  • Thailand Baht (THB)
  • Indonesia Rupiah (IDR)
  • Vietnam Dong (VND)
  • Indian Rupee (INR)

Additionally, our most common online casino deposit and withdrawal payment methods are as follows:

  • Wire Transfers
  • Skrill
  • Local Bank-In
  • Online Banking

To facilitate secure financial transactions, 12Bet offers a variety of casino payment methods for deposit and withdrawal. We adhere to strict “know your customer (KYC)” and anti-money laundering (AML) policies and collaborate with third-party financial and regulatory authorities to maintain the highest compliance standards.

With these robust security measures in place, rest assured you can deposit and withdraw funds with confidence, knowing that your financial transactions are well-protected.

Additionally, 12Bet maintains a safe and private environment for all its users. We employ 128-bit encryption, provided by Thawte, to safeguard the security and privacy of your data. Your personal information is treated with the utmost confidentiality, and it will never be shared or sold to third parties, except as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Now that you’ve got the basics on casino payment gateways and the rock-solid security of 12bet’s payment system, let’s dive into the safest casino payment methods available in the exciting world of online casinos today.

Guard Your Bankroll Right With Secure Casino Payment Methods

Credit And Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are among the most widely used online casino payment methods. Major card providers such as Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro are accepted at most online casinos. These cards offer familiarity and convenience, making them a popular choice among players.

One of the key advantages of using credit and debit cards is the ease of use. When depositing with your card, you provide the card details, and the casino’s payment gateway securely processes the transaction. However, it’s essential to ensure that the online casino you choose implements rigorous encryption technology to protect your card information and personal details.


E-wallets as casino payment methods have gained significant popularity due to their speed, security, and privacy features. Paypal is the most recognized and trusted e-wallet option available to players. It provides a safe and convenient way to deposit and withdraw funds from online casinos without directly linking to your bank account or card. Other secure E-wallets you can rely on are PayTM, Neteller, Skrill, and Google Pay.

One of the key advantages of using e-wallets is the added layer of privacy they offer. When you deposit with PayPal, for example, you only need to provide your email address associated with the e-wallet. Your financial details remain confidential. Additionally, e-wallets facilitate fast withdrawals so you can access your winnings at once.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers, while considered a traditional method, are known for their reliability and direct link to your bank account. While they may take a bit longer to process compared to other options, bank transfers provide a secure means of funding your online casino account.

Bank transfers involve transferring funds directly from your bank account to the online casino’s bank account. This method is ideal for players who prefer the familiarity and security of their banking institution. To initiate a bank transfer, you’ll need to provide the online casino with your bank details, including the bank’s name, account number, and routing number.


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are online casino payment methods that take transactions to a whole new level of security and anonymity. With the power of blockchain technology, your online casino payment becomes lightning-fast and ultra-secure, perfect for those who treasure their privacy and crave decentralized transactions.

But that’s not all—when you opt for cryptocurrencies at online casinos, you unlock a world of enhanced security and privacy. The blockchain’s transparency and immutability mean that fraud and manipulation are virtually non-existent. Plus, quick withdrawals ensure you access your funds without a hitch.

Prepaid Cards and Vouchers

Prepaid cards and vouchers offer players control over their spending and are an excellent choice for those looking to manage their casino budgets effectively. These cards are available with predetermined amounts, allowing you to control your spending and avoid overspending.

Prepaid cards and vouchers can be purchased at various retail locations or online. You can buy these cards with cash or through electronic payment methods. Once purchased, you’ll receive a card or voucher with a unique code. When depositing at an online casino, enter this code to fund your account. This process ensures that you only spend what you’ve loaded onto the card or voucher, promoting responsible gaming.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are one of the fastest and time-tested casino payment methods. This method involves a direct transfer of funds from your bank account to your online casino account. It’s known for its simplicity and security, making it an appealing choice for many players.

This casino payment method also offers a world of convenience at your fingertips. As online casinos reach players worldwide, they readily embrace wire transfers as a trusted payment avenue. Beyond its global accessibility, wire transfers shine when it comes to handling substantial transactions, thanks to their formidable security protocols. If safeguarding your assets and overseeing a sizable bankroll is your priority, wire transfers could be your best choice.

Tips for Safe Online Casino Transactions

To ensure your online casino transactions are secure, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose Reputable Casinos: Stick to well-established online casinos like 12Bet, and essentially ones that are known for their commitment to security and fair play. Look for licenses and certifications from trusted regulatory authorities.
  • Use Secure Networks: Play from a secure and private network. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks, as they may pose security risks.
  • Check for Encryption: Verify that the online casino employs SSL encryption technology to protect your data during transactions.
  • Review Terms and Conditions: Carefully read the terms and conditions of both the online casino and the payment method you choose. Understand fees, processing times, and transaction limits to make informed decisions.
  • Set a Budget: Gambling should be for entertainment, not financial stress. Establish a budget for your casino activities and adhere to it. Responsible gaming ensures a more enjoyable experience.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up to date with the latest developments in online security and payment methods. Awareness of potential risks and emerging trends will help you make informed choices.

Securing Your Casino Payments for a Worry-Free Gaming Journey

In the exciting realm of online casinos, trust and security reign supreme. Your journey toward a secure and enjoyable gaming experience begins with the careful selection of trusted casino payment methods. Whether you’re leaning towards the familiarity of credit cards, the privacy of e-wallets, the rock-solid security of cryptocurrencies, the reliability of bank transfers, or the budget-friendly control of prepaid cards and vouchers, there’s a payment option tailored to your unique preferences.

Now that you’re more aware of the most trusted online casino payment methods, you can enjoy your games with unwavering confidence. Remember to gamble responsibly and may your online casino escapades be a fun and secure ride from now on!

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