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How To Play Keno and Increase Your Odds of Winning

How To Play Keno and Master the Lottery Game in 2024

If you enjoy playing online bingo games, then you’re guaranteed to love what playing Keno has to offer! A bit like bingo itself, Keno is a common Asian lottery game that’s made its mark beyond the East. Today, we’ll be showing you how to play Keno the right way so you can dominate the game and enjoy 12BET’s online Keno offerings.

Ready to get started? Keep on reading to learn the ins and outs of this exciting lottery game!

What is Keno?

how to play keno - what is keno

Before you learn how to play Keno, let’s first establish what the game is about.

Keno is about as old as time, dating back all the way to Ancient China. In Keno, you’re provided a card with squares filled with numbers, like a giant bingo board. You pick a bunch of those numbers ranging from 1 to 80, hoping they’ll match some balls that get randomly drawn at 20-ball intervals.

The more matches you get, the bigger the prize!

It’s all about luck, just like other lottery games online. But unlike picking random numbers on a whim, Keno has a long history that involves pigeons and whole organized gambling houses. To this day, the game is more widespread beyond small villages. And everyone over at 12BET is loving it!

Basic Keno Rules

Learning how to play Keno is effortless! Think of it like bingo, but with less fuss.

Here’s how a Keno card is often displayed:

how to play keno - online keno example

A Keno card typically has squares filled with numbers, from 1 all the way up to 80 in some places. You just click on the ones you think will be lucky.

The three essentials of how to play Keno are as follows:

  • Keno cards have 80 numbers: However, some online Keno games may have lesser offerings of up to 36 numbers only.
  • Players get to choose their winning numbers: In a typical Keno game, players can choose 10 numbers, though some offerings may let you choose up to 20.
  • Winning numbers are drawn: You win a Keno game based on which numbers you bet, and sometimes you win based on patterns created – just like Bingo!

Stuck picking Keno numbers? No sweat! Most online games have a “Quick Pick” button that generates 10 random numbers for you. Feeling like a clean slate? There’s usually a button to clear all your picks too.

How Keno Works Online

Instead of a drawing with ping pong balls like you would at a live Bingo game, a computer aka a Random Number Generator (RNG) picks the winning numbers randomly. That way, everyone has a fair shot and there’s no way of knowing which numbers will win ahead of time.

Just like lottery, the more numbers you match the more you win!

It’s important to note that when understanding how to play Keno, payouts can vary depending on the game you’re playing, but some places pay out a whopping 10,000x your bet if you match all 10 numbers! You can sometimes win by matching just a few numbers or even none at all.

Keno Bet Types

When you’re learning how to play Keno, it’s important to learn the different betting types. Sure, you can always just go down the classic road and pick your numbers. But if you really want to hack the game, some casinos can offer some extra twists for those who want to spice things up.

how to play keno - keno bet type way bets
How to Play Keno: Visual representation of a Way Bets, one of the Keno Bet Types, in play at an online Keno game.

Here are the different types of Keno bets you can try online:

  • Straight Bets. This is your classic Keno. Pick your numbers and see if they match the draw.
  • Way Bets. Way bets let you pick a group of numbers in a specific order, like a straight line or diagonal. They can really boost your payout if you get them right, but they’re trickier to win.
  • Combo Bets. Want to play multiple games at once? Combo bets let you use the same numbers on several tickets. Like having multiple chances to win!
  • King Bets (Casino Only): This one’s for the high rollers (at least in casinos). It’s basically a way bet with an extra lucky number thrown in. Extra risk, extra reward!

These are just some of the special bets you might see around while you try to understand how to play Keno. Online Keno usually sticks to the basics, but casinos can get a little more creative.

How to Play Keno at 12BET

For example, when you participate in a live 12BET Keno game, you may encounter these particular side bets:

  • Big/Small. Bet on the sum of 20 balls being high (Big) or low (Small).
  • Odd/Even. Bet on the sum of 20 balls being odd or even.
  • Dragon/Tiger/Tie. Bet on the tens (Dragon) or units (Tiger) digit of the sum, or a tie.
  • Up/Down/Tie. Bet on more low numbers (01-40) than high (41-80), or a tie.
  • Big Odd/Small Odd/Big Even/Small Even. Combine Big/Small with Odd/Even.
  • Five Elements. Bet on the sum falling within a specific range associated with an element (Gold, Wood, etc.).

Don’t forget to check out our EXCITING online Keno bonuses before placing your bets! 12BET has a special offer of 100% Welcome Deposit bonus for your first-ever Keno game, so make sure you don’t miss out:

how to play keno - 12bet keno deposit bonus

How to Play Keno: Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Choose Your Keno Card

how to play keno - choose your keno card

A keno card will show up to 80 numbers. Keno cards are also pre-provided for your ease.

2. Select Your Numbers

Always important to know when learning how to play Keno: the game allows you to pick your lucky numbers, anywhere from a handful to up to 20, depending on the game!

how to play keno - choose your numbers

3. Consider the Payout Table

how to play keno - check payout table

Once you pick your Keno numbers online, a handy chart pops up showing how much you win based on how many numbers you match. The more numbers you match on the board, the bigger the prize! 

Some variations even reward you for matching zero numbers. If you’re feeling bold, pick a lot of numbers to begin with.

4. Select Your Bet Size

Most online Keno games let you play multiple games without picking numbers again. Plus, you can boost your winnings by multiplying your bet if your lucky numbers hit. Score!

how to play keno - pick bet size

5. Keno Game Begins

how to play keno - keno game begins

Keno highlights the winning numbers on the screen for easy checking. 

You might also see “hot” and “cold” numbers. But what are those? Well, the hot ones have been drawn a lot lately, while cold ones haven’t shown up in a while.

6. Collect Winnings (If Any)

“Catching a spot” means you guessed a number right. In Keno games, the more “spots you catch,” the bigger your payout! 

Once the numbers are out and you manage to hit even just a single number, you can collect some winnings.

how to play keno - collect keno winnings

12BET Tips and Strategies on How to Play Keno

  1. Choose Casinos with High Payouts. Not all casinos offer the same payouts, so make sure you seek out casinos with payouts that match the optimal payouts for Keno. At 12BET’s online casino, we provide a few Keno games with an RTP of 97% – not to mention our very own Keno, which offers some lucrative payouts.
  2. Practice for Free First. Learning how to play Keno isn’t complex, but it’s good to practice for free before playing with real money. This helps you get familiar with the game and avoid mistakes.
  3. Pick 4-8 Numbers. More numbers don’t always guarantee a win. Choose between 4-8 to balance your chances of winning with the payout amounts.
  4. Ignore Hot/Cold Numbers. Numbers are drawn randomly. Don’t waste time picking “hot” or “cold” numbers based on past results.
  5. Play at Reputable Casinos. Only play Keno at trustworthy and legal online casinos like 12BET!
  6. Use Multi-Race Cards. If you plan on playing the same numbers repeatedly, use Multi-Race Cards to save time.
  7. Look for Keno Bonuses. Some online casinos offer bonuses specifically just for Keno., so take advantage of these to play extra games for free. At 12BET, we have a special 100% deposit welcome bonus on top of other in-casino bonuses you can apply to the 12BET Keno game!

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