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BGaming Makes a Splash With Fishing Club: First-Ever Fishing Simulator Game

BGaming Makes a Splash With Fishing Club: First-Ever Fishing Simulator Game

Love fishing but hate the early mornings, tangled lines, and creepy crawlies for bait?  Well, BGaming just launched Fishing Club, and it’s a game-changer for fishing fans (or anyone who enjoys a good game, really) who adore casino games!

How Does Fishing Club Work?

Demo play of the Fishing Club by BGaming
Demo play of the Fishing Club by BGaming | Credit:

Who needs a real rod when you have this? BGaming’s Fishing Club throws the rulebook out the window when it comes to casino fishing games. Imagine breathtaking graphics that make you feel like you’re actually on a fishing trip, minus the early mornings and creepy crawlies. 

But Fishing Club isn’t just about kicking back – with a high return-to-player rate and a potential max win of €240,000, you could be reeling in some serious cash too!

Risk Levels and Multipliers

Forget the bait and tackle, Fishing Club is all about the big catches – and the even bigger rewards! The game features multipliers that start at x1 and can explode past x100. Hook the right fish and you might just land the legendary x3,000 multiplier – that’s a whopper of a win waiting to be snagged!

Did you know that multipliers are one of the common exciting features in a slot game? Make sure to explore the top slot features to date to make the most of your gameplay!

Achievements and Celebrations

Reel in the glory (and achievements)!  Forget the boring old leaderboards, Fishing Club lets you chase virtual fishing fame! The game boasts a fantastic achievement system with two major trophies to claim: Best Win and Best Catch. Best Win goes to the biggest single spin payout, while Best Catch celebrates the highest multiplier you snag.

Plus, these achievements get captured in snapshots, so you can share your virtual fishing victories and bask in the glory!

The Coolest Part? You’re In Control!

You’re in the driver’s seat (or boat, rather)! This isn’t your grandpa’s casino fishing game! Fishing Club throws a curveball with its first-person perspective. You control the rod with each spin, feeling the fight and the thrill of the catch. BGaming calls it a first in the industry, and it definitely makes the experience way more interactive and exciting!

BGaming Casts a Wider Net

Move over, local ponds—BGaming’s got its sights set on international waters. Fishing Club might be their latest catch, but they’re reeling in players worldwide with strategic partnerships.  Deals with Casino Club (Argentina) and Betsson (Europe) unlock new markets for them, while The Factory Gaming collaboration secures their foothold in Latin America.

BGaming is on a mission to become a global iGaming giant, and its expansion net is only getting bigger!

Hooked Yet?

Forget the real-world hassles of fishing – tangled lines, early mornings, and creepy crawlies! Fishing Club offers all the excitement of the catch without the frustration. This game is a perfect blend of risk, reward, and immersive gameplay. 

If you enjoy exciting casino fishing games like these, make sure to head on over to 12BET’s online casino arcade and fishing game section to enjoy the equal thrill of reeling in those wins!

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